Sunday, May 16, 2010

Travel bug

FINALLY finished packing ... two bags and a book bag later, Dad and Mom were toting me to the airport. I have never seen so many people in the Myrtle Beach airport... but thanks to three security lanes up and running, i got through the line within thirty minutes or less. I saw a lady of about 60 years of age with purple dreads, an older man with crazy blonde spikey hair (dad said it was part of his hat, but it matched his mustache and sideburns all too well i think), and then... best one yet... the Zdybel familiy! YAY!!

Got through security and then went straight onto the plane that had already started boarding. Ohhh my. As soon as I got on I smelled my seat partner - he was quite the drunk, that man. Talked about how he had been in Myrtle Beach for a 25 year college reunion and hadn't eaten for 3 days but had definitely had enough to drink... hmmm ya think? Well he was nice enough and I learned a bunch about his life... so I was entertained. I also had a kick watching the man in front o me who was sitting in first class eat everything he brought on board. I've never seen anyone eat that much on a plane - especially a plane ride that is only 54 minutes long. He started off with a bag of sun chips, then a twix, then an apple and then a sandwich. He got water and then coke. CRAZY. were we even on the plane long enough to consume all of that? hahaha. The stewardesses were extremely nice and for once all i'm lugging around is a back pack, so i'm pretty content right now. :)

I arrived to the Atlanta airport at 12:55pm and then got off and went to eat at TGI Fridays. Salad was wonderful and ... company was as well. ;) Ended up meeting the lady sitting next to me - go figure - and talked for a while about her adventures when she was in college and studied abroad in Mexico and worked in Spain. She made me laugh because she sounded sooo much like me and what I'd be like (or what I'm like) when I travel. :)

Now I'm sitting at T07 waiting to meet the first girl I'll meet of the trip - Mollie Siddens. We're flying together down to Ecuador - boarding in about an hour and then leaving in 2.

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  1. Totally spelled Zdybel wrong. :-p